In the News: 11/28-12/2

December 2, 2016 02:48 PM
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Here’s a snapshot of this week’s family engagement news:

Tools and Resources

Ensuring Every Student Succeeds

Ensuring educational access for all youth requires partnerships beyond the classroom.

Relationship Building

Home visits declared winning strategy for Reducing Student Absences

Home visits have been credited with improving student behavior, increasing student test scores, creating less teacher stress and giving parents more confidence in teachers’ ability to help their children succeed.

Vernon schools get $377k grant to engage families

Continuing efforts to build strong connections and relationships between parents and teachers at local schools, a school district in Connecticut received a grant designed to develop a plan geared toward school and community partnership.

Race and Equity

In the black community, a division over charter schools 

The fight over school choice issues is already building within the African-American community.

In D.C., White Families Are on Average 81 Times Richer than Black Ones

Even cities such as D.C. where the prevalence of public-sector jobs, a large black population, and a high share of black business owners might make it seem like a place that black families could thrive, the median white family has a staggering 81 times as much wealth as the median black family.

What is Faculty Diversity Worth to a University?

While students want more faculty of color, it’s a complicated request in many ways.

A Push to Diversity Gifted-and-Talented Programs

The classes tend to be incredibly segregated, but one school in New York City is working to change that—the first citywide effort to do so.

New on the Blog

A Teacher Opens Up About the Power of Goal-Setting Parent Teacher Conferences

In this guest blog post, Rebecca Oppenheim, Special Education Teacher at C.W. Harris Elementary School, sheds light on the power of goal-setting Parent Teacher Conferences.