In the News: 12/5-12/9

December 9, 2016 02:38 PM
by / Topics: Improving Family Engagement

Here’s a snapshot of this week’s family engagement news:

Relationship Building

Bowser’s DCPS Chancellor Pick Visits Columbia Heights Elementary School

Antwan Wilson, Mayor Muriel Bowser’s nomination to succeed DCPS Chancellor Kaya Henderson, visits Tubman Elementary, a school in the Family Engagement Partnership.

Family University: Program shows parents, guardians are values partners in students’ lives

Family University initiative, which launched this fall, provides a welcoming learning environment so our families can understand and navigate the education system.

The Importance of Family Engagement in Early Education

Representative from The Children’s Workshop shares tips on family engagement, open and honest communication, and other proven indicators that ensure children are successful childcare in early education programs.

Race and Equity

Tell me about: How You Disrupt Inequity at Your School

A reflection on a school that introduced culturally responsive pedagogy to disrupt inequity.

Ta-Nehisi Coates has some advice for NYC principals: ‘It’s not all up to you’

Ta-Nehisi Coates offered a “master class” for a group of New York City school leaders who were eager to know what they could do to help dismantle those systems of oppression.

Are We Criminalizing Our Students?

An overemphasis on criminal justice undermines K-12 education.

How to Find Teachers of Color Who Want to Stay on the Job

Recognizing the importance for teachers to resemble their student populations and be invested in the local community, a charter school network in California is offering teaching jobs to graduating seniors.

Learning to Lead at a Teach to Lead Summit…Priceless

A look into how culturally responsive instruction (CRI) and an emancipatory pedagogy (EP) communicates high expectations and generates positive perspectives of parents, families and communities, thus increasing equity for all students.


From Clueless to Connected: My Parent Engagement Journey

A parent perspective on family engagement research.

Just because your kids are headed to college, it doesn’t mean they’ll graduate
Two new reports out this month describing who completes college and the warning signs for students at risk of dropping out paint a picture of a much different future than the one most parents imagine for their kids.

New on the Blog

In-Depth Family Interviews Shed Light on Effective Family Engagement

Go “Behind the Scenes” with the Flamboyan Data and Evaluation Team to learn about the process and surface-level findings of in-depth interviews with families that shed light on effective family engagement.