In the News: 3/6-3/10

March 10, 2017 02:15 PM
by / Topics: Improving Family Engagement

Here’s a snapshot of this week’s family engagement news:

Relationship Building




A closer look at the D.C. school that DeVos visited: Jefferson Middle
The school’s administrators pinpoint home visits as a strategy that has helped improve relationships with families and academic outcomes for students.

Race and Equity



John D. Marshall: Recognized for Leadership in Equity for Students
“Marshall, who has spent nearly his entire life in Jefferson County Public Schools, is one of few district chief equity officers in the nation. It’s a job designed to ask uncomfortable questions and raise prickly issues about why some groups of students struggle when others thrive.”

A School Where Raising the Bar Lifts Hope
A high school in Spokane, WA petitions students to take surveys so that administrators can identify ways in which to encourage students, particularly those from low-income neighborhoods, to enroll in AP courses.



New Study to Examine How Home Visits Can Improve Teacher Effectiveness and Student Outcomes
“A new study awarded by Parent Teacher Home Visits (PTHV) will show how home visits affect teachers’ perceptions of their students’ families, and how these perceptions may inform how they teach.”

Parent Involvement Practices Improve Outcomes for Preschool Children
“A new issue brief notes that fifty years of research in early childhood development highlights the central influence that parenting attitudes and behaviors have on children’s development.”