In the News: 4/3-4/7

April 7, 2017 01:34 PM
by / Topics: Improving Family Engagement

Here’s a snapshot of this week’s family engagement news:

Relationship Building



Top 6 Barriers to Family Engagement With School
Highlights elevate parent responses to barriers that impact family engagement.

Goodbye parent-teacher conferences, hello poetry workshops: How New York City is redefining parent engagement
A New York City school adopts Academic Parent Teacher Teams to focus on teaching groups of parents to engage their children academically, and encourage meaningful conversations on how their students perform as a class.

Race and Equity



Family engagement critical to success of dual enrollment programs
“It is often not enough to make the programs available to all students; for many low-income and first-generation students, parents lack the intrinsic knowledge of how to navigate these systems, while more affluent students reap the rewards, perpetuating the same cycles of inequality that persist throughout the educational complex.”




The Power of One: New Research Shows Black Students See Big Benefits from a Single Black Teacher
“Just one teacher of the same race in elementary school substantially reduces the likelihood that a black student will drop out of high school, according to a new study.”

New on the Blog



School Partnerships Coach and Former SpEd Teacher Offers Six Insights for Educators Engaging Families of Special Education Students
Flamboyan’s John LaRue brings a unique perspective to the School Partnerships Coach role when he taps into his special education expertise.