In the News: 4/10-4/14

April 14, 2017 01:16 PM
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Here’s a snapshot of this week’s family engagement news:

Tools and Resources



 To The Parent Who’s About to Enter Their Child’s IEP Meeting

In this opinion piece, contributor Kerry Magro reflects on his family’s experience adjusting to the individualized education program (IEP) meeting after his autism diagnosis at age four and shares resources that could help parents through the process.

Eight Steps to Rewrite the Special Education Script

Author of the article, Brent Betit, shares eight lessons learned about how to support students who learn differently; insights include: teaching the hidden curriculum and building self-confidence, honoring learning modalities, and teaching joyfully.

Relationship Building



Parent Communications: How Cloud Apps Can Boost Engagement

In this opinion piece, teacher Casey Korder reflects on her efforts to bolster ongoing parent-teacher communication through the use of cloud-based apps and websites that facilitate information sharing.

Schools Should Tell Parents Whether Their Middle Schoolers Are On Track for College

Predictive analytics for student success can reveal middle schoolers’ projected ACT or SAT test scores, but author Michael J. Petrilli stresses how building trusting relationships between parents and teachers is key to effectively partnering and using data to drive progress.

SchoolSmartKC Seeks to Serve Children Inside, Outside the Classroom

In a new podcast interview with ReallClearEducation, Awais Sufi – one of our National Family Engagement Fellows – talks about his new nonprofit that aims to improve family engagement and implement other strategies to tackle the achievement gap in Kansas City schools.

Race and Equity



Bipartisan Group of Ed Leaders Commits to ‘Productive Dialogue’ on Race, Social Justice, School Reform

Twenty-four education leaders released a document outlining their establishment of – and commitment to – certain norms around thought-partnering and communicating across difference, so that there’s productive discourse about the improvement of American education.

Fisher: Making Equity a First Principle of the Personalized Learning Era

“Putting equity first isn’t about doing more for students; rather, it’s about doing differently, to do right by them.”




Study: Parent groups in Northwest D.C. raise thousands for schools

A new study reveals the wealth disparity between school districts in D.C. and raises the question of equity in school budgeting, since wealthier parents in some schools contribute hundreds of thousands of extra dollars to neighborhood schools, and it’s unclear whether those donations play a role in determining the budget.

5 Things We Now Know About Teacher Diversity: What Researcher Constance Lindsay Has Found About Race in School

In light of a new study revealing how teacher diversity can decrease dropout rates, author Matt Barnum sits down with researcher Constance Lindsay and shares five takeaways from her past and current research.

New on the Blog



Engaging Families of Children with Autism: Here’s How One Team Allows Parent Voice to Guide Them

Anne Beers Elementary School has been in the Family Engagement Partnership (FEP) since 2012 and practices effective family engagement strategies that provide opportunities for families and teachers to partner so special education students have positive and effective learning experiences.