In the News: 6/19-6/23

June 23, 2017 04:42 PM
by / Topics: Improving Family Engagement

Here’s a snapshot of this week’s family engagement news:

Tools and Resources



Three Ways to Use Technology for Amazing Parental Engagement

“Involving parents in their children’s progress in the classroom has long been shown to significantly increase student outcomes. With parent engagement top of mind in many school districts–partly because the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) requires it–teachers can benefit from these best practices from peers for using education technology to get, and keep, parents engaged.”

Relationship Building



Rethinking the parent-teacher conference: Meeting more often, working as a team

“In hundreds of schools in the District and elsewhere, these conferences look drastically different as educators seek to build stronger relationships with parents and equip families with tools to reinforce classroom concepts at home. Teachers and parents meet in a large group setting at least three times a year, sometimes with students present.”

Making teamwork work: Schools make parent-teacher conferences more collaborative

“A lot has changed in America’s classrooms over the last decade. New technology and better-informed teaching philosophies make it easier for teachers to develop personalized learning for students. New research proves the vital role that parents play in student success. Despite emerging tools and knowledge, one annual school tradition remains stubbornly stuck in the past: parent-teacher conferences. Now, there is a growing movement to reshape parent-teacher conferences—to shift the focus away from basic reporting to roll-up-your-sleeves collaboration between teachers, parents, and students.”

Big Challenges in the Big Easy

“EdNavigator, a nonprofit that helps some New Orleans parents support and advocate for their children in school, assigns them an individual counselor — a “Navigator” — who works with them intensely to meet their children’s needs.”

Race and Equity



A School that Provides the One Constant in Homeless Children’s Lives

“Positive Tomorrows is a small, privately funded school in the heart of Oklahoma City, designed to meet the needs of homeless children. The future of these students hinges on the one constant in their lives: the school, which addresses both education and basic needs.”

Here’s what male teachers of color want their districts to know about them

“Male teachers of color often feel consigned to become school disciplinarians instead of instructional leaders, especially in districts like in Memphis that are more likely to suspend black boys, while lagging at addressing what’s behind those numbers.”




Closing the Achievement Gap with the Power of Data

“A recent analysis of low-income student achievement in large U.S. cities gives reason for both optimism and concern as it highlights the limitations and potential of state and local data.”

New study reveals where low income students are doing best

“The new index is designed to provide a standard way of comparing how effectively schools and districts are teaching low-income students, regardless of how many such students they enroll. Overall, the study confirmed that low-income students are still performing well below national averages. But the report identified a small group of cities that are getting more promising results for low-income students.”

New on the Blog



Flamboyan Unveils Learnings from the National Fellowship at National Family and Community Engagement Conference in San Francisco

“Flamboyan Foundation will join more than 1200 top-level leaders and experts at the Institute of Educational Leadership (IEL) National Family and Community Engagement Conference to deliver a workshop that spotlights Flamboyan’s National Family Engagement Fellowship strategy, process, and learnings. The presentation will provide attendees with best practices to address family engagement needs on a District and systemic level.”