In the News: 7/17-7/21

July 21, 2017 10:52 AM
by / Topics: Improving Family Engagement

Here’s a snapshot of this week’s family engagement news:




What Keeps Public School Parents Up at Night (Flamboyan Trainers Quoted)

“When it comes to their children’s education, what are parents’ biggest concerns? Paying for college is No. 1. After that, they worry about their children’s happiness and safety at school.”

When states pay for the SAT or ACT, more poor students go to college

“New research finds a simple strategy can modestly boost the share of poor students who go on to college: requiring, and paying for, all students to take the ACT or SAT.”

Relationship Building



This Isn’t Your Mom’s Parent Teacher Conference
“Schools across the country are ditching the traditional parent-teacher conference for academic workshops, where it’s the parents who are learning the skills their children need to master.”

Race and Equity



For Equity, Build Relationships

“Strong ties and high expectations can help teachers end discipline disparities and shift outcomes for minority students.”

David Brooks and the Language of Privilege

“What did New York Times columnist David Brooks overlook in his analysis of the ways in which the privileged and powerful retain their status in American society? Robert Pondiscio looks at what educators and policymakers can do to break down the social barriers at play.”