In the News: 8/7-8/11

August 11, 2017 10:51 AM
by / Topics: Improving Family Engagement

Here’s a snapshot of this week’s family engagement news.

Relationship Building

“Talking circles encourage participants to express themselves openly, without fear of interruption or condemnation. Talking circles with parents, educators, and social service experts are having real impact according to evidence.”

Star-TelegramWho’s that knocking on your door? Your teacher, of course. – August 7, 2017
“The home visits were made to the residences of 535 incoming seventh-graders to Hillwood, where a campus committee came up with the plan to better engage with students and their parents. While they’re not new, home visits certainly appear to be growing in popularity, with encouragement from the National Education Association and organizations like Stand for Children and Parent Teacher Home Visits.”

The HeraldRock Hill charter school aims to improve communications with new policy – August 6, 2017
“The school’s Board recognizes the need for a constructive partnership between Riverwalk Academy and parents that provides for two-way communication and fosters educational support for students and parents.”

Arizona State University: Parents, teachers need to be creative in finding ways to interact – August 4, 2017
“For the family, engagement shows that school is a priority and is the important work of the child. And the parents feel like they’re in this journey of education in partnership with the teacher and not working at different purposes. It can be alienating for parents to no feel part of the community.”

Houston ChronicleSchools taking a second look at how much to homework to assign – August 6, 2017
“No homework “family nights” in a school’s 2017-2018 calendar is a rare move pleasing parents and students by a school district trying to balance academic progress with students’ emotional and social well-being.”

Race and Equity

Education NextSchool segregation didn’t go away. It just evolved. – August 1, 2017
“According to a recent report, over 70 communities have tried to secede from their school district since 2000, which can result in the creation of affluent, predominantly white districts. What are other recent trends in U.S. school segregation?”

The 74 Million:  When It Comes to College, Only Half of America’s High Schoolers Say They Feel Prepared, Survey Finds – August 7, 2017
“From national test scores to college remediation rates, many data points suggest that more should be done to prepare students for higher education. But how do high-schoolers feel about their training? Not so great, a new survey from the nonprofit YouthTruth finds.”