Jacqueline Pratt-Tuke

Jacqueline spends time assessing the unique needs of students and families in the secondary grades, the age-appropriate roles that families play to support student success, and the strategies that schools use to effectively engage families in order to design family engagement programming for middle and high schools. In addition to coaching middle and high schools throughout Washington, D.C., she also manages the secondary team of family engagement coaches, supporting them to build the capacity of teachers to include families as partners in their child’s education.

Jacqueline taught middle and high school science students, and is passionate about providing students in the District with a quality education so they have what they need to pursue future opportunities and develop strong character. Most of her career as a teacher was spent teaching sixth graders at KIPP DC: KEY Academy. At KEY, she wrote curriculum, managed the sixth grade faculty, and designed and implemented a family engagement plan across the lower middle school.

Jacqueline is the mom of two boys, and enjoys being active and outdoors. Connect with Jacqueline on LinkedIn.

What was your favorite subject or course in school? Biology! I loved learning about how the world and body worked.