Julianne Boulware

Julianne manages a portfolio of district and charter schools in DC, ensuring that every public school family across the city experiences effective family engagement throughout their children’s educational experience from Pre-K through high school and beyond.

She is drawn to education work because she believes it is her entry point to pushing us towards an equitable society. She also believes that access to quality education for the most disenfranchised students and families is crucial to our liberation.

Prior to Flamboyan, Julianne was a co-founder of a charter school in her hometown, where she was responsible for engaging with and empowering  families and students. She was also charged with building a bridge to the greater community in service of the city. She began her career in education as a 2009 Teach For America (TFA) Corps Member at Roosevelt High School in Petworth. Julianne subsequently used her eye for talent matching and program design at TFA-Chicago-NWI, Chicago Public Schools, and Koya Leadership Partners. Julianne holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology from Purdue University, and a Master of Education Degree in Special Education, from George Mason University. In 2017, she was selected as a Surge Institute Fellow.

Julianne’s passion for philanthropy and family engagement dates back to college. She believes her role at Flamboyan allows her to pursue both.

What was your favorite subject or course in school? My favorite subject in school was English, but that was due to having incredible language and composition teachers throughout secondary school. Once I grasped command of the English language, I was able to defy convention, and use language as a vehicle for expression.