Katherine Avery

Katie designs content for and supports Flamboyan’s trainers to deliver high-quality professional development to educators across multiple partnerships. In addition, she co-leads Flamboyan’s Equity Working Group and manages the Family & Teacher Advisory Group – two projects aimed at increasing the collective skill, will, and capacity of the organization to center children and families’ needs and take an anti-bias approach to all of our programmatic efforts.

Katie’s passion for education is rooted in her commitment to dismantling systems of oppression and to ensuring equitable opportunities for all children. As a former Master Educator for District of Columbia Public Schools (DCPS), Katie’s most recent role before Flamboyan was spent evaluating and supporting teachers in early childhood and language acquisition classrooms across the district, as well as facilitating workshops on issues of race and equity in education to central office staff. She spent over a decade in Public Charter Schools in D.C., serving as a Co-Founder, Director of Student & Family Services, and Primary Teacher. Katie has a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from The George Washington University.

Katie has lived in Washington D.C. for over 16 years and enjoys camping, cooking, and spending time at home with her two children and two dogs. Her favorite part of working at Flamboyan is the relationships she builds with her colleagues, as well as the teachers and parents who train on behalf of the foundation. Connect with Katie on LinkedIn.

What was your favorite subject or course in school? The Sociology of Law. I am fascinated by the intersection of identity, politics, culture, law, and education.