Beginning of the Year Relationship Building

Family + Student Questionnaires

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Families want to know that educators know and care about their student, and building strong relationships by establishing and sustaining trust through consistent, meaningful communication shows families that educators want students to succeed.

Student and family questionnaires or interest surveys are another way to collect useful information for all students and families in your class. It’s essential to make clear to families that you value them and gathering this information will help you best communicate with them and support their child. These sample prompts can get you started on building your own family or student questionnaires. Additional Trust Building Questions can be found in the Supporting Materials. No matter which questions you choose to include in a questionnaire, be sure to ask in the most user-friendly and direct way possible.

Student Questionnaires


Family Questionnaires


Using Family Surveys to Differentiate Learning

Hear from teachers who used family surveys to personalize students’ education.

Asking about Family Wellness

Strong relationships are key to not just supporting students, but supporting one another through anxiety and uncertainty. Consider incorporating questions about family wellness to your questionnaires by asking about people, resources, and experiences with distance learning.

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Questions for Trust Building

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Beginning of the Year Relationship Building

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