Francisco Font Acevedo

Francisco Font Acevedo was born in Chicago, Illinois, to Puerto Rican parents, on September 15, 1970. He grew up in Rincón, Puerto Rico, the country where he lived until July 2018. Since then, he has lived in exile in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, where he assumes the border identity of being a Puerto Rican islander who neither assimilates nor wishes to assimilate to the equivocal category of Latino. On that side of the Atlantic, he works as an interpreter and writes fiction. His most recent publications are Santurce, un libro mural (in collaboration with the artist Rafael Trelles, Fundación Puertorriqueña de las Humanidades, Puerto Rico, 2020) and La troupe Samsonite (Folium, Puerto Rico, 2016). At present, he aspires to complete his next book. His writing is inspired by “what results from personal and other people’s memory, dreams, the hybridity of cultural identities, the occupation and eviction of humanized spaces, nomadism and exile, human dignity and misery, and what I do not know.” About Letras Boricuas, Francisco shares that “receiving this fellowship means for me an opportunity to have a greater financial stability to complete my next book.”