Jonatan María Reyes

Jonatan María Reyes was born on July 31, 1984, in Santurce, Puerto Rico, and currently lives on Long Island, New York. This poet and screenwriter published the books Data de otro ardor (Verbum, Spain, 2018), Databending (Barnacle, Argentina, 2019) and Lo común también cruje (La Impresora, Puerto Rico, 2020/Herring Publishers, México, 2020). He obtained the XI International Poetry Prize “Gastón Baquero” and was a finalist for several poetry awards. Some of his works have been translated into Italian, Greek, English, French, and Portuguese. He edits the poetry magazine Low-fi ardentía. Regarding his inspiration when writing, Jonatan told us, “I am inspired by my upbringing neighborhood and its streets of the unexpected hustle and bustle; in those who were once my neighbors; in my brief family and their struggle and their way of resisting; in those slippery places that the system tries to reduce; in discarded things that shine in private; in everyday life; in the empty spaces; in insignificant things that vibrate; in the background.” About being named a Letras Boricuas Fellow, Jonatan said, “receiving this fellowship means strength when I feel weakness. It also means hope, relief, freedom, a place to create with even more intensity, as it validates the work that I have been doing for some time. It is a way of reinforcing my art, world, core, struggle, and reality.”