Manolo Núñez Negrón

Manolo Núñez Negrón was born in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico, on June 6, 1980, and was raised in San Sebastián. He is a professor of literature and a writer. He studied literature at the University of Puerto Rico, at New York University, and at Harvard, where he received his doctorate in 2010. He was an assistant professor of Hispanic Studies at Wellesley College and Spanish and Comparative Literature at the University of Puerto Rico in Río Piedras. He was a columnist for the Buscapié section of El Nuevo Día and published the short novel Barra china (2010) and two books of stories and a chronicles book. His most recent publication is Burundanga Express (Instituto de Cultura Puertorriqueña, Puerto Rico, 2019). He received the Premio Nuevas Voces from the Festival de la Palabra in 2016. For reasons beyond his control, he has devoted himself to the practice of law. Regarding his literary vocation, Manolo shares that “it may have a lot to do with the cultivation of oral memory, and with the experience of violence and the displacement of individuals. Those of us who grew up in Puerto Rico in the 1990s were citizens of fear. I believe that this imprint – so associated with drug trafficking and social inequality – has left a profound mark on my imagination.” About being named a Letras Boricuas Fellow, Núnez Negrón says that “the great Flamboyan-Mellon fellowship recognizes the complexity of the task of those who write, and gives me, above all, the possibility of enjoying the time necessary to create. Time —not money— is the real reward.”