Isabel Huston

Isabel “Izzy” Huston oversees Flamboyan’s training program. She designs training sessions on REAL Family Engagement for school partners in addition to managing and developing the parent-teacher trainer cohort that leads each session.

Isabel is committed to working in education because she feels that it is the place where systems are reborn. She believes in an equitable public education system where all students feel loved and affirmed, where the seeds for a greater world are planted.

Prior to joining Flamboyan, Isabel spent a decade in the education space largely focused on developing equity-centered policy and advocacy leaders. Most recently, she served as the Director of Career and Leadership Development at DC Public Schools where she launched the design of a new talent development career ladder.

Outside of Flamboyan, Isabel is an aspiring writer and artist, and published her first poetry collection in 2020. When she’s not at work, writing, or reading, Isabel can be found traveling or playing ice hockey. Connect with Isabel on LinkedIn.

Who was your favorite teacher in school? Mrs. Solomon because she held a high standard for her students and provided us the tools to meet it. In her AP Composition class, I had the chance to write a one act play that was professionally produced, and it was the first experience I had of feeling like I had a voice that truly mattered.