Jasmine Lopez

Jasmine provides essential administrative, logistical, and operational support to multiple teams across the organization. She is committed to education because she believes that education is a powerful tool that can allow us to understand one another and change the world for the better. She believes that every child deserves an opportunity to receive high-quality education regardless of their background, race, or social class.

Prior to joining Flamboyan, Jasmine worked in special education as a dedicated aide for more than two years in Prince George’s County, Maryland, primarily working with children with autism spectrum disorder. She worked alongside teachers and therapists, and assisted with implementing Applied Behavior Analysis support.

Outside of Flamboyan, Jasmine enjoys spending time with her cats, cooking, watching Anime, reading manga, and spending time with her family and friends. Connect with Jasmine on LinkedIn.

Who was your favorite teacher in school? Mr. Smith. He was a math teacher and although math was not and is still not my best subject, he always made every effort to help me understand the material and provided lots of encouragement and advice that I still hold onto.