Millissa Hare

Millissa supports schools in building and sustaining equitable family engagement practices. She believes education is one of the greatest drivers of social change, and is committed to supporting the creation of systems that ensure that all children have the resources needed to be successful.

Prior to joining Flamboyan, Millissa pursued a degree in social work to help create systems where families were uplifted and supported, as that was not her experience growing up, or the experience of many in her community. After obtaining her degree, she worked as a clinician and later with a team of school social workers to support a state-wide Dropout Prevention initiative. She is passionate about working at the intersection of social work and education and examining these issues from different angles, and she is excited to continue rooting her work in equity and social justice in her role at Flamboyan.

Outside of Flamboyan, Millissa loves exploring the outdoors with her dog, husband, and two sons, who serve as a constant reminder that the decisions of today impact generations to come. Though she is a proud New Jersey native, she now resides in the DC area with her family. Connect with Millissa on LinkedIn.

What was your favorite subject or course in school? I loved psychology because I have always been fascinated with human behavior and cognition. In elementary school, I wanted to become a scientist because I was fascinated with understanding why things behaved the way they did in the natural world. I think psychology is really a continuation of my passion for answering the question “Why”?