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Flamboyan Foundation Unveils First-of-its-Kind Family Engagement Tool

The Family Engagement Assessment Tool, free and accessible to PreK-12 educators nationwide, will support stronger outcomes for students most impacted by inequity

(WASHINGTON, DC) – Today, the Flamboyan Foundation – a foundation committed to ensuring strong outcomes for students most impacted by inequity – announced a first-of-its-kind assessment tool to help PreK-12 educators assess and improve their family engagement practice.

Developed by a team of content, data, communication, and product development experts, the Family Engagement Assessment Tool poses 29 research-based questions to not only help teachers and school leaders assess their areas of strength and areas of growth, but also improve their practice through customized resources aligned to their individual results. No matter their region, background, or years of experience, the Tool provides a free and accessible entry point for all educators looking to learn more about their family engagement practice.

“Our Family Engagement Assessment Tool was created with and for educators, and is here to help teachers of any tenure with their family engagement practice,” said Patience Peabody, Executive Director of Flamboyan’s Washington, DC office. “With the support of this Tool, educators will be able to better understand and ultimately improve their practice to support better academic and socio-emotional outcomes for their students, particularly those most impacted by inequity. Whether you’ve been teaching for 2 months or 20 years, this Tool is for you.”

The Tool measures an educator’s practice across four domains that build upon each other: 1) Asset-Based Beliefs about Families, 2) Relationship Building and Establishing Trust, 3) Ongoing Communication Methods, and 4) Academic Partnering. It is designed to be taken more than once so that educators can track their progress over time and receive personalized results throughout their teaching journeys.

“We believe this Tool is a critical step forward in ensuring REAL Family Engagement for all students and families across this country, particularly low-income Black and Brown communities,” said Peabody. “We hope that educators will use this free resource, internalize their results, and come back to take it again in the future!”

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The Flamboyan Foundation is guided by the belief that all children deserve the opportunity to live a fulfilling life, no matter the circumstances they were born into. With offices in Puerto Rico and Washington, DC, Flamboyan advances equity through K-3 reading, arts revitalization, and family engagement.

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