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Strengthening K-3 Reading in Puerto Rico

By the end of third grade

All Students Will Be Able to Read at Grade Level

In Puerto Rico, students have experienced more than half a decade of interrupted school due to multiple natural disasters and a global pandemic, widening the existing literacy achievement gap. Students have not had the opportunity to master basic skills such as critical reading, which we know to be an essential building block for success in school and in life. The island’s economic and social progress depends on our children becoming active and knowledgeable citizens committed to themselves and to the island’s well-being and growth.

Flamboyan is working to ensure that all students in Puerto Rico are reading at grade level by the end of third grade. We develop and advance efforts that have an impact on educators and the school community, the central system, and the island’s broader educational ecosystem. By joining together with government, business, and community partners to build student literacy, we will create a Puerto Rico in which all children can envision limitless futures and make those dreams come true. Learn more about each of our projects and resources to achieve this goal.

Programmatic Spotlight

¡Todos a leer!

¡Todos a leer! is a document and a roadmap designed to address the reading achievement gap that students have been facing for years and that has widened in recent times due to various natural phenomena. Learn more about the situation and a myriad of solutions to address it.

Programmatic Spotlight

Essential Practices for Teaching Reading and Writing in Puerto Rico

Included as one of the three main pillars of the ¡Todos a leer! roadmap, the Essential Practices for Teaching Reading and Writing are a series of teacher actions recommended for elementary classrooms in Puerto Rico to develop proficient readers by the end of third grade.

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Visit the Flamboyan Puerto Rico website to learn more about our Strengthening K-3 Reading work in Puerto Rico.

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