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Preserving Arts + Culture in Puerto Rico

Preserve, Amplify, + Sustain

Puerto Rico's Rich Cultural Heritage

Born out of a partnership between the Flamboyan Foundation, Lin-Manuel Miranda and his family, and the producers of the Broadway musical HAMILTON, the Flamboyan Arts Fund sees the arts community as a key player in the reconstruction of Puerto Rico. Our goal is for artists to continue to have opportunities to sustain creative projects, transformative arts experiences, and community connections, strengthening the cultural ecosystem of the archipelago.

By continuing to amplify and preserve arts organizations, Puerto Ricans can maintain their rich cultural heritage, artists will be equipped with the support they need to continue creating and innovating, and the general community and art tourists will be able to enjoy a unique and varied cultural offering.

With more than $12 million awarded in grants to over 120 arts organizations and over 900 individual artists since the inception of the Flamboyan Arts Fund, we have sought to diversify the areas of impact and address each of the sector’s needs through innovative and far-reaching proposals. We have also established partnerships with entities from other sectors and attracted additional investment from U.S. foundations and philanthropists who have joined us in our mission to preserve, amplify, and sustain the arts in Puerto Rico.

Programmatic Highlight

Letras Boricuas Fellowship

Home to a rich literary tradition, Puerto Rico has produced some of today’s most celebrated writers. Letras Boricuas is a fellowship sponsored by the Mellon Foundation and the Flamboyan Arts Fund that will provide 100 established and emerging Puerto Rican writers with a grant of $25,000 each within a five-year period.

Programmatic Highlight

En Foco: Proyecto de Visibilización Cultural Participatory Grantmaking

As part of the amplification strategy, and in collaboration with the Ford Foundation, this initiative seeks to create opportunities for greater exposure and visibility to the arts and cultural ecosystem in Puerto Rico through a participatory grantmaking process.

Emergency Response

Hurricane Fiona

With a two-year budget of $2,250,000, the Fiona Response Fund focused on making short-, medium-, and long-term investments in the arts and cultural sector in Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona. The grants were made based on the identified needs and divided into:

Support for Individual Artists

In collaboration with Cerf+ and the Museum of Contemporary Art, over $200,000 was allocated for this project and more than 220 applications for support were received.

Cultural Brigades

Cultural brigades were created in an effort to encourage the communities most affected by Hurricane Fiona. To this end, the Arte y Maña collective carried out various arts activities with the communities in the municipalities of Orocovis, Lajas, Mayagüez, Adjuntas, and San Germán.

Legal Support

In collaboration with Ayuda Legal and Asesores Financieros Comunitarios, legal and financial strategies, and internal guidelines were developed for each participating organization to guide them through the application for an emergency, post-disaster assistance in the future. In addition, Ayuda Legal has provided workshops and guidance sessions to interested organizations.

Cultural Response Centers

As a long-term strategy, this effort aims to invest in existing community spaces to strengthen their response to disasters or emergencies while maintaining their arts and cultural offerings.

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Visit the Flamboyan Puerto Rico website to learn more about how we’re Preserving Arts + Culture in Puerto Rico.

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