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Nationwide Family Engagement Support

Our Work Beyond DC

Catalyzing REAL Family Engagement Across the Country

Flamboyan works to ensure that educational leaders across the country have access to the tools they need to embed and sustain REAL Family Engagement in their communities. By ensuring educators are equipped with the mindsets and practices to embed REAL Family Engagement in every classroom, we will both advance learning and foster student well-being nationwide. Flamboyan has supported embedding and sustaining REAL Family Engagement across the country in three ways.


Flamboyan’s partnership work is how we support REAL Family Engagement in rural and urban communities outside of Washington, DC. This work began in 2021 with teams from South Dakota and West Virginia, where Flamboyan helped launch unique programs in each region that supported leaders to engage with families. Our partnerships use a mixture oftrain the trainer model, professional learning communities, and sustained coaching sessions. 


Consultancies are the most traditional fee-for-service national engagement at Flamboyan. All consultancies have resulted as continuations from our National Fellowship work, including in Baltimore, Dallas, Kansas City, and Utah. Our consultancies use ongoing coaching, providing leaders from each region with support and resources, and engaging in train the trainer models using REAL Family Engagement workshops.

National Fellowship

The Flamboyan National Fellowship was a 20month cohort experience that aimed to build stronger REAL Family Engagement practices nationally through a variety of coaching, training, and collaborative experiences. Each cohort served three to five teams, representing locales from across the country. The National Fellowship began with work focused on challenging team members’ own biases and beliefs. Fellowship teams then engaged in a landscaping assessment with families which results in piloting possible solutions to address the needs elevated from the team’s listening efforts. The capstone experience concluded in Washington, DC where Fellowship teams presented a TED-talk style presentation of their strategic plans for REAL Family Engagement to a publicfacing audience, including invited guests from their regions who could support, greenlight, and fund their strategic plans.  

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Our Other REAL Family Engagement Programs

School Partnerships

Ensuring DC schools sustain, champion, protect, prioritize, and support REAL Family Engagement.

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Training + Development

Ensuring educators and leaders nationwide have access to the tools they need to embed and sustain REAL Family Engagement.

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