Statement on Puerto Rico

This post is also available in: Español

For more than a decade, Flamboyan has worked to challenge ourselves, one another, and our partners to lift up the voices of marginalized people and communities so that their stories and experiences are heard, valued, and acted upon.  While doing so, we have been dedicated to ensuring Puerto Rico is thriving educationally, artistically, and culturally. That’s why, today and every day, we stand in solidarity with the people of Puerto Rico.

Over the last few weeks there have been reports of malfeasance and corruption by high-ranking government officials. Government is supposed to protect and honor the will of the people, and we stand with Puerto Ricans across the island and across the world in their demands for transparency and accountability. We honor their voices, creativity, and pride, and proudly stand with them.

Today, we are focusing on what matters most, the people of Puerto Rico.  Children need to learn and achieve, arts and culture must be preserved and amplified, and the nonprofit and philanthropic sector needs to be strengthened and supported. We are committed to the important and inspiring work happening across the island to ensure the revitalization of Puerto Rico.

In the coming weeks we will announce a new round of grantees to join the 12 artistic organizations already supported through the Flamboyan Arts Fund. This fall we will increase our support to early literacy by donating thousands of books around the island. And we are continuing to convene and collaborate with nonprofit organizations and foundations because our chances of making deeper, lasting impact are better when we work together.

The work before us is more necessary than ever.  We hope you stand with us and the people of Puerto Rico.

In Solidarity and with Hope,

Flamboyan Foundation