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K-3 Reading in Puerto Rico

¡Equipados para leer!

¡Equipados para leer! provides high-quality classroom libraries and Read Aloud training for K-3 teachers. Each classroom library is built of high-quality books that meet international literacy criteria, are aligned to Puerto Rico Department of Education standards and are culturally relevant. In addition to their classroom libraries, participating teachers receive a year-long training program in the practice of reading aloud. The program provides hands-on workshops on best practices and a virtual community in which teachers receive feedback from Flamboyan facilitators on their read alouds and share best practices with other teachers.

Inside ¡Equipados para leer!

Take a look at what it’s like for program participants.

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A Year-Long Program Program Supporting Research-based Teaching Practices

Teachers who participate in ¡Equipados para leer!, are better able to understand the importance and the benefits of read alouds to promote the love of reading among students, conduct daily read alouds with high-quality books, understand the characteristics of both fiction and non-fiction books, and improve their ability to create questions that promote a fun dialogue with their students after their read alouds.

By The Numbers

Our teachers and their students really are Equipped to Read!

100% of teachers who participated in our ¡Equipados para leer! program completely agreed that workshop content was useful to their practice.