School Partnerships

Helping Schools build and sustain effective family engagement

Flamboyan is working to transform the ways in which educators and families partner with one another to maximize student success.

The centerpiece of our DC school partnerships work is our Family Engagement Partnership, a multi-year partnership with public schools across DC to support building a culture of effective family engagement within the school. By partnering with and supporting schools along their journey toward making effective family engagement a living, breathing part of the school environment, trusting relationships between educators and families are built. As family engagement practices are fully integrated and self-sustained within each partner school, student success increases. To support these efforts, Flamboyan provides funding, training, coaching, and tools, while schools create a family engagement leadership team to support the practice of effective family engagement within the school.  

A Focus on ...

DC Schools

By participating in the partnership, it is our hope that teachers and school leaders will build lasting cultures that welcome, honor and encourage families’ active involvement long after the partnership ends. We want schools to work collaboratively with families to make the school a better place for children to learn and grow. Our work with schools encourages and supports staff to listen and respond to families while also helping them build the systems, structures, and operations needed to partner effective with families.

A Focus on ...

DC Educators

We support educators along their effective family engagement journey by helping them see families as valuable partners. By placing emphasis on building trusting relationships through empathy and open communication, we push educators to explore their assumptions about families and students so that they can better serve them.

A Focus on ...

DC Families

We want families in Flamboyan’s partner schools to be valued and welcomed by the school so they feel confident partnering with their child’s teacher to support learning and growth. We want all families to have the information they need to communicate high expectations, monitor their child’s progress, and support their child’s learning at home.

A Focus On ...

DC Students

Ultimately, we want students to excel in school. Every child who enters a Flamboyan partner school should feel part of their school community and should know their family is welcomed. When students know families and educators are on the same team, their team, we know we are succeeding.

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