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Flamboyan celebrates International Children’s Book Day

Did you know that International Children’s Book Day is celebrated every April 2nd? It is an activity that has been led since 1967 by the International Board on Books for Young People (IBBY). For more than 50 years, this day has been notable in presenting different books for children and youth, furthering access to quality books, and in a certain way, promoting the love of reading. Slovenia has been the distinguished country for 2020, and has decided to commemorate an author and an illustrator from its country.

To celebrate this day, we have asked our team in Flamboyan to share out their favorite children’s or juvenile book. With this, we aim to honor books and literature as an art that encourages and accompanies us at all times. We are sure that like our team, each one of you – our readers- has enjoyed a book because of how it made you wonder, laugh and even left you with the desire of reading more.

In midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, many of us have been asked to stay home. During these times, reading has helped us cope with the quarantine in unexpected ways. We encourage you to seize this moment. Rekindle with children’s and youth literature, and see it as bridge that allows us to stay connected with our inner child. We hope that you our books excite you enough to explore them. Click on the video to see our team’s 15 favorite books. Which one is yours?