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REAL Family Engagement

Flamboyan is championing REAL Family Engagement in schools and school systems across the country to ensure families get the information and connections they need to support their children’s education.

REAL talk about Family Engagement

At Flamboyan, we have been helping educators and families build strong relationships for more than 10 years.

We believe that students succeed when families and educators work together as equal partners. When authentic relationships between families and educators are built, everyone wins. Families are able to share their hopes and goals for their child’s education. Educators are given the opportunity to help families understand how to best support their student’s learning at home. And students are surrounded by the support they need to excel socially, emotionally, and academically in school and beyond.


Families Play to Accelerate Student Learning

At Flamboyan, we have seen – and research shows – that families play 5 essential roles in their children’s education: 1) communicate high expectations; 2) monitor performance; 3) support learning at home; 4) guide their path; and 5) advocate for their needs. All families deserve to have access to the information and connections they need to play these roles well. That’s why Flamboyan is championing REAL Family Engagement within schools and school systems.

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REAL Family Engagement

happens when students and families have:


with teachers built on trust, ongoing communications, and shared power.


where educators challenge their own biases and promote racial equity.


that include student performance and social-emotional development.


in schools, school systems, and communities who create the conditions for meaningful engagement.

REAL Family Engagement

When family engagement gets REAL, educators and families become true allies in educational excellence, schools foster a sense of belonging for everyone, and students succeed in school and beyond.

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The Power of REAL

Listen to one educator’s reflections.


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