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Johns Hopkins University Evaluates the Family Engagement Partnership

Report , Family Engagement

Does family engagement work?

The Family Engagement Partnership Student Outcome Evaluation, a study conducted by the Johns Hopkins University School of Education, links improvements in the performance of D.C. public elementary school students with Flamboyan’s Family Engagement Partnership (FEP).

The study covered 12 D.C. public elementary schools and more than 4,000 students in the 2013-14 school year. What we learned:

  1. Students whose families received a home visit, one of the core strategies in the FEP, had 24 percent fewer absences than similar students whose families did not receive a visit.
  2. These same students also were more likely to read at or above grade level compared to similar students who did not receive a home visit.

These findings are a step forward in understanding the potential for improving student academic outcomes through meaningful teacher and family collaboration.

Read the full report here: FEP Student Outcome Evaluation.

Read Washington Post coverage here: Home visiting linked to lower school truancy and better reading outcomes

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