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Jasper Sutherland

At Flamboyan, Jasper oversees operations of day-to-day administrative and reception duties in service for both Flamboyan and CCM in the Washington, DC office. They provide operational support through various forms of administrative work, internal organization, and coordinating with the team to ensure all the operations needs are met – all with a welcoming and positive attitude!

Jasper is committed to working in education because they believe that every child should have access to quality education, especially those in marginalized communities where resources may be limited. They are proud to be part of an organization that puts so much time, commitment, and passion into the community, and they couldn’t be happier aiding all staff around the office. Jasper is passionate about interpreting social issues and how aspects of ourselves such as race, gender, sexuality, and age make an impact in our day-to-day lives, no matter how subtle it may be, which makes them excited about Flamboyan’s mission.

Prior to joining Flamboyan, Jasper graduated from the University of Maryland in the Spring of 2021 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology. During their time in school, they took various courses that helped train them to use resources for quantitative research and programs such as Stata and Excel. They were also trained to maintain accuracy and consistency in task completion, independent and team goal achievement, and acute attention to detail.

Outside of Flamboyan, Jasper is an artist and loves that the Flamboyan Arts Fund is dedicated to revitalizing arts and culture and making it accessible for people. They believe that art is enriching and that being exposed to it can lead to a fulfilling life.

Who was your favorite teacher in school? My high school Japanese teacher who I managed to take for all four years. She was a firm, yet kind and understanding woman who took the time to listen to her students about their concerns and offered support to those who needed it. During that time in my life, I was going through major difficulties, and she still inspires me to this day.