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KuWanda Brathwaite (KB)

Tell us the story of how you became a Flamboyan Trainer.
An email with a link…that’s how my story started. The email presented a chance to positively impact communities and nurture relationships, an opportunity I couldn’t ignore. What truly made me become a Flamboyan Trainer is appreciating my long-lasting connections with families throughout the DMV area. Having been involved in their lives from elementary school through college, I’ve witnessed firsthand how families thrive when equipped with the right information and connections to support their children’s education. Upon encountering the job posting in the email, I recognized that my genuine, ingrained approach to this work aligned perfectly with the role. It was a clear sign to join Flamboyan!  

What is your “why” for REAL Family Engagement?
Becoming a REAL Family engagement trainer is at the core of my dedication to equipping adults and students with the essential skills for thriving in school and life. With a rich background as a school counselor in DC for over 14 years and my present position as a director of social emotional learning, I bring a powerful combination of counseling and psychology expertise, fueled by empathy. 

My experiences have fueled my commitment to this work. Leading the charge for educational equity has shown me the crucial role of family engagement in nurturing students’ overall development.  

What excites you about your role as a Flamboyan Trainer?
As a Flamboyan Trainer, I’m excited by the chance to influence educational outcomes through impactful family engagement. This position enables me to collaborate directly with educators, families, and community leaders, empowering them with the strategies and tools to cultivate strong, supportive relationships. I look forward to sharing my story, absorbing wisdom from families, and collectively striving to empower all children to thrive socially, emotionally, and academically throughout their lives.

What else is important for folks to know about you?
I’m not just someone who listens with empathy; I’m passionate about championing mental health! I thrive on working closely with schools, families, and community leaders to develop inclusive strategies that cater to students’ overall well-being.  
And for a bit of fun – I adore exploring international destinations, trying out new foods, and hunting for treasures in thrift stores.