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Meron Benn

Tell us the story of how you became a Flamboyan Trainer.
I currently work at a local charter school that partners with Flamboyan to support our Family Engagement practices. When I saw the announcement for the role, I thought it would be a great opportunity to further my knowledge and ultimately be part of the greater community of people who understand the importance and impact of partnership with caregivers in student success.  

What is your “why” for REAL Family Engagement?
REAL Family Engagement provides me with a framework and language to help teachers and staff engage families. The tools and materials in this framework structure the core of what we want from our staff when engaging families throughout the school year. 

What excites you about your role as a Flamboyan Trainer?
I am excited to learn from the team of trainers and ambassadors and interact with educators outside of my school. 

What else is important for folks to know about you?
My role as a parent is at the forefront of the work I do. I believe that parents/caregivers are the best advocates for success in their child’s life and that we all want the BEST for them. It is easy to feel inadequate as a parent navigating school, but with the tools Flamboyan is providing teachers who share with parents, we are all in partnership and working towards the same goal.