Mónica Alexandra Jiménez

Mónica Alexandra Jiménez is a poet, historian, and  Assistant Professor of African and African Diaspora Studies at the University of Texas at Austin. Born in Ponce, Puerto Rico, and raised in Houston, she currently lives in Austin, Texas. Her poems and essays have been published in Aftershocks of Disaster: Puerto Rico Before and After the Storm (2019), Society and Space Magazine (2020), sx salon (2020), and WSQ (2019). Her chapbook, Epigenetics, or the Afterlives of Smoke, was longlisted for the Frontier Poetry Chapbook Contest. She is the recipient of a Career Enhancement Fellowship from the Institute for Citizens and Scholars (formerly the Woodrow Wilson Foundation), as well as fellowships from the Ford Foundation, the Puerto Rican Studies Association, the Institute for Global Law and Policy at Harvard Law School, and the Summer Institute for Tenure and Professional Advancement at Duke University. Her writing “explores the intersections and legacies of colonialism and violence; familial links and migration (el ‘vaivén’); and the overwhelming weight of debt, both spiritual and metaphysical, as well as, financial.” About being named a Letras Boricuas Fellow, Jiménez says, “As a writer and a scholar, I do the work that I do because I feel called to it, but often with doubts as to its necessity, relevance, or importance. The Letras Boricuas fellowship is confirmation that there is value in the work and in the ideas. It helps me believe that my words can matter and it helps push me to keep thinking and writing.”