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Revitalizing Education in Puerto Rico

Expanding + Strengthening Reading

Breaking the Patterns of Inequity Faced by Children in Puerto Rico

To continue expanding and strengthening reading in grades K-3, through Revitalizing Education we support and subsidize nonprofit organizations and leaders in their respective areas whose programs seek to break the patterns of inequity faced by children and youth in Puerto Rico. In addition, we support and guide various educational organizations through tutoring programs and alternative schools, among other resources, so that they may implement the Essential Practices for Teaching Reading and Writing within their teaching and reading comprehension programs. In doing so, we address the reading achievement gap in the communities they serve and promote interventions that make an impact beyond the island’s public school system.

Because understanding that strengthening the third sector is crucial for the healthy social and economic development of Puerto Rico, we developed useful tools and resources for any nonprofit organization to be sustainable long-term. We also curate valuable content to inform potential support efforts for the island from organizations in and outside Puerto Rico.

Programmatic Highlight

Community + Practice

Community + Practice is an initiative in which nonprofit organizations with educational programs are supported to implement the Essential Practices for Teaching Reading and Writing for the benefit of children and youth in the communities they serve.

Programmatic Highlight

Highlights of Education in Puerto Rico

To centralize basic data on important aspects of public education in Puerto Rico and the realities of the school community and its students, this “living” online document was created to help our readers to understand our local educational context.

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Visit the Flamboyan Puerto Rico website to learn more about our Revitalizing Education work in Puerto Rico.

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